Gradual Destabilization

by R010R

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Dark Vision Media :DVMCD008
Format: Digipack, Digital


released October 1, 2008

All music, lyrics, and vocals by m. renfield



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


R010R New York, New York

"Persistence is all"

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Track Name: exist [override]
Shining in darkness out of distorted view
A withered form expressed
the simple aperture is drawn
A tear in space for which to rest
A moment in time to reflect

This intensified awareness
fractured possibility
the endless pattern
falling empty
our world blackened by flames
a terrible awakening

knowledge in keeping silent
a possible solution

I am not alive
but I do exist
This was persistence
nature torn apart
our time decays
chasm in the thought
There is no escape

disturbance in the light
a nagging feeling inside
all is lost you are dead
living now would be a lie

All your walls are towering above
your uncertainties infect your truth
Track Name: hypocrite
light flickers out the bare corner of your room
Life strewn disarray radio noise pans overhead
The pale light surrounds you
The night it's colours like crystallized screams
You cling to this interruption of the mundane
you cling to this façade
lost in this dreamscape

You need to bury the fear
But you'll dance to it
You push away all the pain
But you'll dance to it
You close your eyes to the hate
But you'll dance to this
You deny the head games
But you'll dance to this
But you'll dance to this
you fucking hypocrite

drown your sorrows and live your lie
a fine line drawn in retrospect
your forked tongue cursed and worn
is this not what you expected
what you intended as a defense
now an unbreakable cage
hands are tied and your mouth is gagged
forced to dissect your reflection
is this the person you intended to become
the laughter seers you when your alone
the pain you cause returns to you ten-fold
why continue on this way
Track Name: soul destruct
Your pain is my advantage
I am the soul destruct
Your faith is without reason
I’ve come to claim your life
Track Name: brain death
close your eyes you don't want to feel this
drift apart this place is your witness
cruelty leaves it's mark your psyche torn apart
tear at the straps no release is granted
fear has you trapped look into your actions
it's time to regress embrace your distress
open scene the field in which you lay dead
overhead the noise for which you waited
see your friends broken down realize that awful sound
everything crashing to a halt now
perfect sense this is what you found out
the very place you lost your life
you found release from the fight

pretend you did your very best
decide to lay your dream to rest
brain death
escape to safety in your head
the only solace when your dead
brain death

close your eyes you don't want to feel this
drift apart this place is your witness
you must complete your course
energy returns to the source
tear at the straps no release is granted
fear has you trapped look into your actions
nothing left to defend
but death is never the end
Track Name: human circumference
torn apart by the command
withstand abuse that bends your will
restrain your anger
withstand your soul journey to hell
a weapon drawn again
against uncertain dark domain
your honour lies in peril
your revenge is death marked unsane

claw at the dirt fallen over your face
force your path through soil and bone
to once again burn the sun in your eyes
to crush the ones that left you whole
with only fire corrupting your brain
electric pulse to voice your intent
take hold of your sharp salvation
to claim the heads that will not repent

The force that wakes you in your sleep
the need to return to the source
an old forgotten curse
will remains true to it's course
This time has circled around again
revealing paths that flesh can't take
everything realized is human circumference
to bend your fate but never break

death you find is much too kind
for those that have fallen off the path
diseased smiles light their way
uncovering a putrid boundless wrath
the screams of pain will never end
their remorse falls upon dead ears
a fate sealed by endless hate
vengeance relentless oiled gears
a machinery of determination
to finish a journey left undone
transcending limitations of bone
to take a stand as the final one
Track Name: field mechanik
an open field
you lie alone
without a conscious
without a place to call home
you sacrificed all
for the good of the free
and so your riddled with guilt
at all the murder you've seen
and now your left in a hole
your body begins to die
you piece together the past
the rain falls as you lose sight

and now your return to the world
a place that hates what you've done
you try to repair your life
your friends your love is all gone
no one will lend you hand
nothing can comfort your cold
start to question your path
convictions begin to fold
a flashing scene scans around
explosions pulsing the sound
reflect on your main mistake
decide to restructure fate

close the door to your cell
attempt to escape the pain
in every dream there is an answer
for if we choose to live again
Track Name: identity theft
a view from a fragile state
this tragic twist of fate
a panic ensnared mind
gnawing rope unbind
time drops away in sheets
impact flash of light

awake solid stare
blood wash metal chair
device implant dissect
remend digitized and resent

forensics compromised
value unrecognized
try to cleanse the hate
reverse the human trait

incomplete rearrange
reassigned obscured and deranged
aligned with intention
catalystic oppression
information at what cost
thought fragmented and lost
viral program contained
sanitized and restrained

The blood is on your hands

system wide collapse
memory default synapse
overseer's destabilized
forward thought sanitized

human frailty breaking through
recognize atrophic view
atrocities by your own hand
truths buried in forgotten sand
Track Name: peripheral
try to imagine that it's only a game
your best intentions are always clearly in view
though a thick cloud of fog obscures your judgment
even when you need to, you cannot break though
this failed transformation of design
a mechanism forced hold of your mind
redirected within a place abandoned
in your psyche what horrors will you find
in your brain a synaptic pulse resist
resetting memory to wipe the form exist
the base code revealed to react in vain
a damaged mind settling on insane

every time I find my fear
always in my peripheral view
I search the world for a release
but it always comes back to you
the one I can't find in the dark
that has consumed my wasted soul
and time bears down on my conscience
as I destroy to fill this hole

I can’t imagine an existence without pain
Awake to find it’s another endless day
Leaving messages continue this lost plight
Withholding memories spike my corroded insight
I have to know the reason why
My life is obscured by passing time
And why this fate came to be
And what atrocity happened upon me

Search and destroy the game that feeds my need
To purge this place from corruption and from greed
Misdirected focus this sense of blame you’ve found
Realize your hate initiates a terrible sound
Decide to stay and infect this rotted path
Within a memory of embodied boundless wrath
As time proceeds to decay the framework lie
And slowly your aware of the reasons why
Track Name: room with a view
voices penetrating
sanity dissipating
sound disintegrating
soul evaporating

return to the source
pale flowers surround
intoxicate indifference
obscured, cannot be found
you scratch at the walls
swallowing you whole
you tap at the window
reflection of soul

stained and apparent
your mind begins to crush
out all the light
out all the trust
this bodies an institution
no healing will come
no one will follow your descent
your existence is gone

tearing out your own eyes
struggling with this fear inside
raw to the touch and slightly askew
torn apart this room with a view
Track Name: perfect derelict
a complete mess
incomplete distress
a call never answered
a warning of impending death
a life form disposal design
inside a regrettable find
it's one thing to find such destruction
another to fall in it's function
the navigations awry
losing hold of your mind
realization is near
give up your hold on fear
the time has come for release
any other lease on life is wasted

traveling to worlds unknown
to escape the fury you have sown
with your weapons of design
sleeping soundly in the bay
this day the sun shall not rise
you find no comfort in it's eyes
the fear inside you grows
you shall never return home
[and makes it's intent known]

you're the navigator
you're the perfect derelict
you hope in vain to obscure your course
but sadly you become the source
Track Name: immersion
hold a deep reverence
cast aside your fear
the dark consuming life
the corruption withholding solace
a terror within the walls
scraping through
defacing you
unnoticed silence
the violence masked
penetrated the membrane

count your blessings
you are not among the sacrificed
hold your head from shaking
renounce control to the beast inside

open ruined cathedral
how can you compare
the sun consuming time
with this distension of indifference
this tension mounts
tracing stress fractures
the horror within your mind
all too familiar a stench

you find yourself again
hiding within a crack in the veneer
but your support will fall and fail
you cannot escape your destiny
Track Name: reVeal
we are without faith
a lesser conviction ripping remains
this introspect a filed down awareness
a deception in term
folding outward
to lie just in view
to lay inside of you

the light of hope a misunderstanding
it's smile decays
the pain overcomes
a tranquil observation
a deception in term
withholding life
with smiles and waves
a copious infusion
the façade of love
withheld alone
a smile inverse
dysphasia a relentless form
hunting out your enemies
filing through their lies
your protection breaking apart
opening up before you
a tired form repressing it's love

forget the times you had to hide
forget the terror built up inside
reveal to me your inner pain
reveal that we are quite the same
Track Name: crystal cells
open your eyes
feel the sun on your face
this is not your home
but still it stands in displace
a form unrecognized
you stare at your hands and gasp
time remains still here
silent and just out of grasp

so this is your fate
the scent of flowers and fields of green
no remnants of the destroyed cities
nothing mechanic to be heard or seen
to step out of your crystal cell
to leave behind the hate and the greed
the power and destruction of chaos unhinged
buried in the past an unspoiled seed

and so your reborn
but not alone, not the plan devised
it takes two to remake the world
a life awoken a love revised
but the earth has played it's revenge
a final spite for all the torn soil
the other crystal cell smashed by collapsed rock
the other occupant released from mortal coil

so this is your fate..